Reservations are made on first come first served basis with a secured non-refundable deposit and signed contract. When received your date is guaranteed.



A 50% deposit is due at contract signing. The balance is due at event prior to set up. Checks,money orders,or cashier check are acceptable forms of payment.


Ratings and format

Film selections with ratings of G,PG OR PG13 are preferred . Movies with R ratings should be discussed with FUNTIME FILMS prior to licensing movie if needed. Rated X are not permissible. The film provided must be in ether BLU-RAY or DVD.


Film licensing

If you are hosting your own family and friends outdoor movie party on your property,you WILL NOT need a public viewing licence. All non-theatrical screenings other than a home showing DO NEED a legally required licence obtained by your community or organization. Licensing fees will vary due to movie titles,size of audience and nature of the event. We can not purchase this for you but it a very simple process. It is advisable to contact one of these agencies as soon as your date is confirmed .The film licensing company may provide a copy of the movie.



Although we have no control over the weather we have a weather policy that we think is fair to all parties. In the event of bad weather ,rain or very high winds and no place to move the show indoors............

1-If the show is canceled by Funtime Films before travel a new date will be given free of any charges.

2- In the event of travel to the event and less then one half complete a travel fee of $75 will be charged to reset another date.

3-If more than one half of show is completed the show will be considered complete.

Guaranteed rain dates.

To book a  rain date in advance a non-refundable fee of one half of your quote will be charged .